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 Combat Guide :P

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Combat Guide :P Empty
PostSubject: Combat Guide :P   Combat Guide :P Icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 12:02 pm

Hope you enjoy my combat guide[b][i]


This is at rock crabs.


14-15k per rock crab on this.

From 60-100 you want high-train.

This is how to get to high train.


its about 30k xp per one so its good Razz .

They Dont hit anything so its nothing to worry about.

+ they drop sgs rock 100% Whips and bones.

this is at high train.

and from 100-126 ::kbd ::kamil or ::gwd they all are hard but keep trying it

you want to stick at high train till 99 att,str,def,hp Hope You Enjoyed ty.

im sorry for the bad links

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Combat Guide :P Empty
PostSubject: my tutorial will be:   Combat Guide :P Icon_minitimeWed Dec 08, 2010 3:21 am

CB3-buy all the best armor whats in shops-helm of neitiz,glory ammy,obby shield,rune platebody,rune legs,rune scim and d scim,rune kite,rune boots.when u have them go to fight pits-we8 here the time what it givs to you and get barrows gloves for free.then go to lowtrain.kill cb-23 pirates in lowtrain as long u get lucky cutlass.Then go to hightrain.(or if u really bored and no cutlass go to hihgtrain when atleast 60att,60str,40def)(if ur not pure).then kill rock golems in hightrain and if u get khazard cell keys-dont sell them,use on chest.If ur cb 80-100 alredy then go to dragons and make get d bones until u have 50 pray-then u can alredy go to fareed and kbd and stuff.
(green dragons and kbd only need anti d shield)
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Combat Guide :P
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